Refund Policies

Non-Refundable Payment & Cancellation Fee Terms


Non-Refundable Payment (NRP)

Many of our items require a non-refundable Payment(NRP) to be able to reserve your order for an item that has been ordered, usually while it is in the process of production in which man powers or resources are involved fixed time basis or hourly basis for the development of the product (Such as like Website Development, Website Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Application, Mobile Applications and Other online or offline tool)

  • *24-hour grace period* If you disagree with the terms of this agreement, then you may cancel your order without penalty if it is within 24 hours of placing it. You must contact us directly through the platform of contact source, or via live chat with your cancellation request. You must specifically convey that you are cancelling within the grace period and require the return of your deposit or payment you made. (This process should have a specific reason of doing it.)
  • *NRPs cannot be transferred if your order is cancelled*, for any reason after 24 Hours, We can accept your request of modifying the order or we might accept your other changes that you require in your product but after transferring the ownership of the payment you can’t own the ownership of it. (As the payment is coming from your own hands)
  • *NRPs cannot be reinstated*and placed on a complete different order, which will not relate to our service.
  • NRPs may be refunded upon cancellation only in the rare case that the item’s delivery date has been delayed by more than mentioned or exceeded timeline or days from the original estimated arrival date when the order has been taken from the Buyer / Employer / Client / Customer.

NRPs may be refunded upon cancellation only in the rare case when the item’s quality will be bad whereas the item is not useable, It needs solid prove to avail the NRP get refunded. If that is the case then we suggest as a solution to contact our technical support team to put the product under maintenance where we can make betterment of the product for more satisfaction of the Buyer / Employer / Client / Customer. (This will be done as a urgent basis matter within a short timeline which will be discussed at the time of the case)

Buyer / Employer / Client / Customer would need to contact us directly to cancel their order and request for their NRP to be refunded, Most of the cases we prefer to solve amicably (As we believe in the best, achieving best is anytime possible)